Powering E-Mobility for a Sustainable Future

Cellestial E-Mobility believes green is the new Innovation and they are powering E-Mobility for a sustainable future. They carve out smart solutions in automotive, through designing and manufacturing vehicles which are powered by renewable and non-renewable sourced energy to prevail sustainability. Their collective design & manufacturing experience in the fields of Electrical & Automobiles gives them leverage to engineer smart e-mobility and has inspired them to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into their products. They have recently been awarded Hysea 2020 Tech4Good company and also Top 10 startups in Hyderabad.

In Conversation with Siddhartha Durairajan, the CEO of Cellestial E-Mobility

Tell us about your Startup Inception Story & Founding Members?

I met two of my friends as a reunion over coffee and the conversation sparked into the electric dream which is now a reality, the country’s first electric tractor.

How do you wish to make an impact on society? 

The impact is about empowering at least cost, both financially and environmentally. We empower the farmers with a green electric tractor that is smoke-free, and will also make him debt-free because it runs at 30 rupees per hour compared to fossil fuels that are pegged at 500 rupees per hour.

How did you face the challenges accompanied by the success and failure in your life? 

A smile. That’s what it takes to solve a problem. The partnership is about collaboration. Take the best, ignore the rest!

What is your vision for the future?

Empower entrepreneurs, in all formats!

Impact of the Pandemic and the steps that you have taken to overcome the crisis?

From a rigid plan, we migrated to a flexible one. We did not hesitate to change the direction.

What do you think about the Startup culture in Hyderabad and how can it be enhanced?

Capital is scarce and always goes by the book. if entrepreneurs were to play by the book, they will not be one! VCs’ look for disruption, but when it comes to deployment of the funds, they are no less conventional. Change this, not just in Hyderabad, across the nation!

Message for budding entrepreneurs?

Focus on Business, not on fundraising! funds are an inevitable outcome!

With a changing ecosystem and thirst for efficient economic solutions, the digital revolution has evolved exponentially, making Non-Fuel Drive a sustainable approach.

Cellestial E-mobility has envisaged the relevance of sustainable development and devised time over the years to align in this progressive direction, to effectively match the increasing demand for Electric Vehicles by increasing the efficiency of utility and improving the performance through smart, cost-effective & diagnostic methods. In what can be seen as a move towards reducing the carbon footprint, sales of electric vehicles have shot up by 23% in the first eight months of 2020 compared to the same period in the previous year. Not to forget the proactive government initiative and stringent vehicle emission regulations that are encouraging people to switch to electric vehicles. The latest policy by the State government gives all the electric vehicle owners a 100 percent exemption of road tax and registration fee. Are you going to switch to Electric?

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