Invest with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Here’s the story of Sankarsh Chanda, a nineteen years old Hyderabad based entrepreneur who founded the fintech startup Savart, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help you make smart stock investments. He started investing at the young age of 14. Initially, he asked his sister to let him invest in her DEMAT account from all the scholarship amounts that he received as prizes. He was determined and keen on joining the University Bennett as the University specially focused on entrepreneurship. 

In conversation with Sankarsh Chanda, the CEO of Savart

The Inception Story of Savart

I am the only founder. However, my mentor Ajay Batra, Sridhar Vetapalem, Aditya Ranade & Narayanan Shadagopan played key roles in helping set up.

I was like any other teenager, at the age of 14, I was buried in books and reading all that fed my curiosity. One such read changed my life. I read an article on “value investing” by Benjamin Graham, considered to be the father of this idea. Benjamin Graham advocated picking stocks trading for less than their intrinsic value as they offered a profit opportunity. I was hooked to the idea and began seeking ways to actively test the strategy. And then SAVART came into being!

Why did you start and what impact are you trying to create?

I want everyone to understand the idea of making investments is to attain financial freedom and focus on passion over money. 

( Video Title ) Sankarsh TED Talk – What is the Most Important Thing in Your Life? 

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Our mission is to create sustained out-performance for clients using innovative technology and value investment principles.

What are the measures your company has adapted to during the pandemic?

  1. Adopted work-from-home as a long-term strategy which in turn brought more diversity to the working structure. 
  2. Cut down on fixed costs and assets. 
  3. Increased focus and spending on digital presence
  4. Updated work policies to further support the team to adapt to the new environment.

What is the company’s current business model and what are the future plans of the company?

The current business model is known. We aim to simplify investing in stocks and mutual funds with Savart. We offer investment advice after a psycho-metric analysis to help understand the client’s temperament and needs. The online platform helps users to invest in markets depending on their temperament and needs. This is done by conducting a psychometric analysis on users during the on-boarding process to better understand their expectations from the market.

Future Plans:

We plan to set up a domestic and international managed fund with offices in at least 4 continents by 2022.
Work is fast progressing on Vantage, our powerful & autonomous investment research engine.

A message for the budding entrepreneurs and the Start-Up Community?

Do what you like to do and follow your passion.

Be patient. Do not look for quick riches.

Today, Savart is one of the fastest-growing human-tech investment advisors in our country. Their knowledge services have received tremendous appreciation from people seeking practical investment wisdom. Pioneering in investment-research-automation the platform is creating a niche for itself across the globe. The company strives to innovate and keep getting better every day and is making people believe in investing with the assistance of technology. Hyderabad Stories wishes Sankrash Chanda and the team of Savart all the success and propensity for their future endeavors.

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