Did you know that there is a Home in Hyderabad where everyone is Welcome?

The idea of “Open House/Andari Illu”, is too good to be true. Most useful and utility to all the passer-by. The concept generated from the minds of Mr. and Mrs (Doctors) Surya Prakash and Kameswari is well applauded. Most people take shelter, cook food, read, relax, take rest and proceed on their works. Even the health check-ups taken care by, without any charge. This is a wonderful service being extended through Open House/Andari Illu. Please go through this Article and give valuable feed-back on this NGO service. A good idea that makes people happy.

In Conversation with Surya Prakash, the Founder of Andari Illu

How did you discover a passion for social service?

Death of my sister while I was 18 years old and realization of the fact, impermanence.

Tell us about the inception of “Love and Honest”

During the pandemic, in reflections, I was wondering how did we survive all these years, working exactly opposite to regular norms, as a doctor or as an NGO or as a son or as any other normal or regular approach to life. Then these two flashed, it was ‘love’ and ‘honesty’ as two core reasons we could survive all the tough situations in life. What happens in personal, professional, and social life, is what we see in the communities.

Share with us some of your social service activities and how they have impacted society?

The current and first activity that is close to our heart is the Open House/Andari Illu concept. This is a live activity unit in Kothapet (Hyderabad-India), where anyone can walk at any point time from 5:30 AM to 1.00 AM. They have access to food, clothes, and books. Once done they have to move on, as there is no provision of accommodation. The idea was conceived in the year 2006.

What are the challenges you’ve confronted serving society as a non-profit body?

Challenges are perennial. They would be challenges as we travel on the road that is less travelled. But they are also the reason for the reason to continue. If there is resistance to the work, then it means, we have a reason to continue or the work we are doing and its purpose is not understood. To continue to do what we believe is our way and approach to life.

What are your next activities and your plans?

  1. Establishing a central library to support and promote 100 mini/small libraries that we have established for the last 4 months. The central library will be functional from July 18th, 2021. 
  2. Taking forward our research work in supporting and protecting the health of women, especially those whose uterus and ovaries without any indication.
  3. Encourage individuals, institutions to initiate Open House/Andari Illu.
  4. Continuous dialogue on Love and Honesty.

How did the Pandemic impact your life and what are the steps that you’ve taken to overcome the crisis?

As doctors, we had followed up and treated COVID cases, Our Open House/Andari Illu, worked in supporting those who are hungry. We initiated 74 days of dialogue on ‘Love and Honesty’, commemorating Indian Independence, and on the 12th of August came with the idea of initiating Mini/Small Libraries and by December established 100 libraries.

A Message for Aspiring Youth!

Youth are most affected during COVID. We understand. Use this time to enhance skills that are existing within families and in the communities. Specifics, never lie, be honest to the core, enhance listening and reading skills. Learn something new every day.

Any message you would like to share with society!

Create as many Open Spaces to share and learn. Take care of the elderly. Share what you eat, at least one person a day. A final and important one, adopt one hysterectomies woman whose uterus and ovaries removed without indication.

This type of concept-oriented NGO mission with an ingenious vision is really a great effort by the doctors. This type of Open House/Andari Illu facility could well be expanded to all other areas in the Greater Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Hyderabad Stories extends all-out support to the doctor couple and conveys best wishes and good luck in their future endeavors. It’s a great idea and concept that makes millions happy.

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